Valet Parking

At the Blue departure curbside, passengers can park their vehicles at the Valet Parking lot. Height restriction -6'8". Rates: 30 minutes- $2; Daily maximum -$30.

Short-term Parking

This parking is available at level 4-9, above the Main Terminal building. The elevator leads the way to this lot. Height restriction -6'8".

Parking fees: 1st hour -free, 61-80 minutes -$4, Each additional 20 minutes -$2, Daily maximum -$22.

Long-term Parking

The parking is situated across the Main Terminal. You can walk to the Terminal easily. Height restriction: is 7'10".

Parking fees: 1st hour: free, 61-80 minutes -$4, Each additional 20 minutes -$2, Daily maximum -$18.

Economy Parking

The Economy parking lot is located at the Southside of the Main terminal. Skyconnect train is accessible. The parking height restriction is 8' for the garage, and 13' for the outside lot.

Parking fees: $1 - 20 minutes; Daily maximum - $10.

Parking Payment

Tampa International Airport allows MasterCard, Visa, American Express, SunPass Plus, Diners Club, cash, and personal checks from any bank of Florida.

For more information regarding parking, contact at (813) 870-8790.