Terminal Information

Tampa International Airport has one passenger terminal complex, which consists of a 3-level Main Terminal building, also referred to as Landside Terminal. The Main Terminal is surrounded by Satellites: A, C, E, and F, which are the part of the Airside Terminal Building. Each satellite is connected to the Main Terminal via monorail. The landside building has a short-term parking lot, situated at its top level, while the long-term parking is located across from it.

Landside Terminal - Levels 1, 2, 3

The Main Terminal, Landside, has recently renovated and accommodated international flights, along with customer service areas. The building houses the Baggage Claim on the 1st level, the Ticketing counter on the 2nd level, and Transfer Service on the 3rd level.

Terminal Level 1 houses Baggage claim, which contains the baggage belts, rental car counters, the ground transportation information desk, courtesy phones for hotels, off-site rental cars facility, paging phones, skycap service, and baggage carts. The baggage belts at TPA, are arranged in 3 sections, depending on your airline, each of which has Red and Blue airline-assigned. The Red belts are numbered as 9-15, and the Blue belts as 1-7.

Terminal Level 2 houses Ticketing complex, where the airline ticket counters Blue and Red, are located. Currently, Delta Airlines, American, United, and JetBlue use Blue signs.

Terminal Level 3 is a Transfer level, which includes boarding gates A1-A18, C30-C45, E62-E75, and F77-F90 gates. The area also provides food, drink, and other retail concessions, currency exchange, banking, ATMs, information kiosks, chapel, hair salon, shoeshine, and access to the Marriott Hotel.